Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital Mental Health Center, Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital (HSPH), established in 1954, is an AAA-grade hospital dedicated to the treatment, research, education, rehabilitation and prevention of mental and psychological diseases. We are renowned in the whole province of Zhejiang, and even in the neighboring provinces of Anhui and Jiangsu. We are in collaboration with Zhejiang University School of Medicine as its Mental Health Center, and Anhui Medical University as its Mental Health Clinical College (Hangzhou). We are also an authority of psychiatric evaluation recognized by the provincial government, and the hospital where the administrative office of Hangzhou Mental (Psychological) Health Commission is placed. We have established the first alliance of qualified psychiatric hospitals in the province, and have been proactively engaged in telemedicine and education of mental disorders. Of all academic disciplines we provide, psychiatry (behavioral medicine) is the one co-sponsored by both provincial and municipal authorities. Besides, medical psychology is a key subject of our city on the A-list, while psychiatry and psychiatric rehabilitation are on the B-list. Emotion-based disorder, or psychiatry in western medicine, is a key TCM academic program under the 13th Five-year Plan of the province.

Apart from the psychiatry department, we have established in HSPH the first psychological rehabilitation center for senior citizens in Zhejiang province, together with a psychological crisis research and intervention center, a sleep disorder center, a psychological consultation center, a center for intractable mental diseases, a psychotherapy & rehabilitation center, a depression center, an obsessive-compulsive disorder center, and a psychological rescue team of the Red Cross Society. We also boast the city’s first 24-hour consultation hotline and the first children's integrated sensory treatment room.

In the inpatient wards we provide now actually 1,100 beds despite the capacity of 800 beds as designed at the outset, and in the outpatient buildings we offer a range of clinical departments, including psychiatry, psychology, psychological counseling, child psychology, geriatric psychiatry (psychology), integrated TCM and western medicine, internal medicine, and neurology, and a range of specialized clinics that target depression and anxiety, geriatric memory disorders, geriatric sleep disorders, children’s learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, sleep disorders, early intervention for mental illness, drug dependence, psychological trauma consultation and treatment, rehabilitation, and nursing consultation. Besides, we are also in supply of services like psychiatric forensic evaluation, mental disability evaluation, intellectual disability evaluation and psychological crisis intervention.

We boast an environment friendly to patients and advanced medical supplies and equipment, including 1.5T nuclear magnetic resonance, spiral CT, digital imaging system (DR), fully automatic immunoluminescence system, fully automatic biochemical analyzer, fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument, color Doppler ultrasound system, polysomnography monitor, 64-channel event-related potential system, multi-parameter biological feedback system, and transcranial magnetic stimulators with navigation. Also, we have the first labs for molecular biology and brain function in the province, and are co-building a Chinese brain bank in cooperation with Zhejiang University School of Medicine.

HSPH is also celebrated for academic strength. We are totally staffed with 755 employees, of whom there are 127 physicians that each boast a senior technical title. Also we proudly have 8 physicians acting as MS supervisors, 2 as postdocs (one is joint postdoc), 14 with a PhD degree, and 123 with MS degree, and have established a research center for CAS and CAE members and another one for postdocs. We have a guest professor of ZJU Qiushi Scholar (from University of Ottawa), and another one on the list of the National Talents Program. Three physicians in HSPH have won the Distinguished Young Scientist Award, and one was laurelled as Qianjiang Expert. We established a molecular biology lab and a brain function lab, and founded Hangzhou Mental Health Research Institute staffed with 8 full-time scientists. We have knotted the ties of sister hospital with the Center for Mind, Brain and Behavior (CMBB) affiliated to the University of Marburg, Germany, and attended the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Annual Meeting for the first time to present our academic findings. We are also an officially approved clinical drug trial institution.

We have been making a marked progress in academic performance with initiative and consecutive efforts. Out of the 76 research programs from a range of subjects we have been steered to, 2 programs are funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 programs by the provincial foundation, 9 programs by the Science & Technology Department of Zhejiang (including a key project), and 45 programs by the city’s authorities. All HSPH research facilities and labs have so far published 361 research papers, of which 149 were collected by Grade-A magazines, and 33 were recorded in SCI. We have been directing totally 78 continuing education projects, including 33 state-level ones, and have won 4 awards as a tribute to our medical research, including 3 third-prizes for scientific and technological progress in Zhejiang province.

We are dedicated to the training of PhD and MS candidates for Anhui Medical University and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, and that of undergraduates for Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Normal University. We are also the site for clinical teaching designated by Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Zhejiang Gongshang University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. As the only state-level psychiatric hospital in the province, we launched a new medical program in 2017 for admission to HSPH as a standardized training base for residents, housing approx. 60 students enrolled in the hospital, and another 80 students in pursuit of advanced programs.

In pursuit of a mentally healthful life, we are proactively working on the prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders, and on the widespread awareness of mental health. The combination of a community with clinics has played an important role in the “Hangzhou Model”, a system we create against mental illness. The Psychological Crisis Research and Intervention Center, established in 2004, has been in supply of psychological interventions over recent years for victims of natural disasters like typhoon and earthquake, and of other events in relation to terrorism or traffic. The services they provided as above were considered effective and helpful.

We shall never be complacent when heading forward. With a mind to put patients first, we are dedicated to providing them with first-class services and thus making HSPH a top psychiatric hospital in China. In general, we hope our medical services to be top-graded, effective, safe and convenient. We were ranked top 20 of psychiatry in China in the Reputation and Strength Ranking of Chinese Hospitals 2017, which was released by the medical academy of Fudan University.