Events in History

Ø  The hospital was officially named “Hangzhou Psychiatric Hospital” (HPH) by the provincial department of public health on Mar. 2, 1954 with a proposed capacity of 100 beds.
Ø  Formerly known as the psychiatry clinic of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, Hangzhou Psychiatric Hospital was established on Jul. 1, 1954.
Ø   The administrative office of the Mental Disorder Prevention and Treatment Commission, which was founded by the municipal government in 1982, was placed in HPH.

Ø   HPH was renamed as “Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital” (HSPH) in 1984.

Ø   The ward of neuroses (the psychology department today) was set up in 1990.  

Ø   Hangzhou Mental Health Center was established in 1994.
Ø   The Psychological Rehabilitation Center for Senior Citizens, and the first special ward for senior patients in Zhejiang province, were established in HSPH in 1994.
Ø   The city’s first Psychological Counseling Hotline was opened in 1995.

Ø   The “Hangzhou Model”, as an honor for HSPH, was officially introduced to other cities and provinces at the 3rd National Academic Conference on Mental Health (Suzhou) in 2001.

Ø   The Psychological Crisis Research and Intervention Center, and a 24-hr psychological consultation hotline as well, were established in 2004.

Ø   HSPH was recognized as an AAA-Grade Specialized Hospital for Psychiatry in 2006.

Ø   The Regulation on Mental Health of Hangzhou was issued and took effect officially in March, 2007.

Ø   HSPH won the National Medicine and Health Award in 2010. 

Ø   The Child Psychology Department was established in 2011.

Ø   The Sleep Disorder Treatment Center was established in 2011.

Ø   The Psychological Consultation Center and the Intractable Mental Diseases Center were established in 2012.

Ø   The HSPH molecular biology lab and the brain bank were founded in 2013.

Ø   The Child Psychology Sub-Center was established in 2013.

Ø   The HSPH Psychological Counseling Clinic (Wenyi Road) was established in 2014.

Ø   Hangzhou Psychotherapy & Rehabilitation Center was founded in 2015.

Ø   An agreement for strategic cooperation with Zhejiang University School of Medicine was signed to unveil the Mental Health Center (affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine) in Jun. 2015.

Ø   An agreement on the co-building of HSPH West Zhejiang Branch with the government of Jiande was signed in Aug., 2016.

Ø   The HSPH Research Center for CAS and CAE members was established in 2016, and Duan Shumin from Zhejiang University School of Medicine was the first academician to join.

Ø   HSPH was recognized as a state-level standardized base for the training of psychiatric residents in 2017.

Ø   HSPH was recognized by the state authorities for the trial of clinical medication in 2017.

Ø   Hangzhou Mental Health Research Institute was founded in 2017.

Ø   An agreement of “sister hospitals” with Philipps-Universitat Marburg,Germany was signed in 2017.

Ø   The Alliance of Psychiatric Hospitals and the Alliance of Sleep Medicine, both organized by HSPH, were established in 2017.

Ø   HSPH won the city’s May Day Award in 2017.

Ø   HSPH was assigned to providing technical assistance to the key clinical departments of Lin’an Ankang Hospital on May 3, 2018.

Ø   HSPH signed an agreement to provide technical assistance to with HSPH and Psychiatric Hospital of Enshi, Hubei province on May 8, 2018.

Ø   The logo of Hangzhou Psychological Crisis Research and Intervention Center, which aims to provide technical support to the city’s general psychological service system, was unveiled in Aug., 2018.

Ø   The call for anti-corruption was launched on Aug. 30, 2018.

Ø   The campaign aimed to “find the future of HSPH”, which was launched on Nov. 5, 2018, confirmed that we saw as the future of HSPH a state-level authority of mental health over the whole Yangtze Delta.   

Ø   HSPH Building 3 was completed on Nov. 3, 2018, and the first phase of the HSPH West Zhejiang Branch project was inaugurated on December 19, 2018.

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