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A Further Step toward International Cooperation for HSPH’s Clinical and Academic Performance

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HSPH has been for recent years on a fast track of clinical and academic development in mental health. In October 2017, a group of specialists from our hospital paid a visit to the University of Marburg to sign an agreement of “sister hospitals” with CMBB affiliated to the university.

HSPH Vice President Shi Jianfei and his associates also visited Marburg in late November, 2018, at the invitation of CMBB, in which they met and had an in-depth discussion with the CMBB staff from the wards, the ECT room, the brain function lab and the psychotherapist training center. 

The academic practices in HSPH, including the projects and disciplines engaged nowadays, were presented by Dr. Wang Yongguang in a workshop with CMBB. In a delightful manner he made a summary of HSPH’s academic strengths, like the high-end MRI scanning, event-related potentials, rTMS, early screening services for mental illness, early intervention services etc., which all won a high praise from CMBB.

The workshop was finalized with an initiative of more cooperation programs for HSPH’s future development, as both sides agreed, which included the joint analysis of high-end MRI image data, a localized questionnaire on abnormal thinking, the application of CBT for schizophrenia in HSPH, and a training program etc.

They also visited the clinical and inpatient departments of VADASKERT Children and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital in Hungary, and shared views with the staff of the hospital on the treatment and study of ADHD, autism, emotional problems and other common mental disorders.

The visit was a success that paved the way for HSPH’s worldwide exchanges and cooperation, and picked up the pace of building HSPH a place renowned for both clinical and academic progress.