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Prof. Georg Northoff Lectured in HSPH

Clicks:2697Release date:2019.12.13 14:09:15

Prof. Georg Northoff, a guest psychiatrist to HSPH and a distinguished scientist sponsored by the Chinese government, gave a lecture titled "What the brain's spontaneous activity can tell us about symptoms and therapy – Spatiotemporal Psychopathology" on May 3, 2018 on his visit to our hospital.

In his lecture, Prof. Northoff explained his finding on the neural mechanism to affect the symptoms of mental illness and introduced the way to translate those findings into precision medicine. The “transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy for brain imaging under precise guidance for depression (MDD) patients”, which he is working on in HSPH, has turned out an initial success, and the evidence-based research on the neuro-imaging mechanism of the brain for quick (one week) rehabilitation from delayed depression is on the progress. Prof. Northoff sang his praises for the remarkable contributions our clinical staff ever made in this research program, and also expressed his will to continue the transformation of clinical research findings with HSPH.

Prof. Northoff also met with HSPH Vice President Shi Jianfei and Section Chief Liu Jian after the lecture. A primary consensus was made during the meeting about how to take further steps in academic research and to work together for the training of young scientists. They were all aimed to build a stronger team for both academic study and clinical performance, and finally to apply those findings to clinical practices to the benefit of our patients.