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Brains Storming between HSPH and Japanese Experts

Clicks:2187Release date:2019.12.13 14:07:33

At the invitation of the Neuropsychotropic Substances and Dependence Commission of Zhejiang Toxicology Society, an academic entity directed by HSPH Vice President Chen Zhiyu, several top neuropsychological scientists from Japan, including prof. Yutaka Oomura, prof. Atsuo Fukuda, prof. Mami Noda, prof. Junichi Nabekura and prof. Kohji Fukunaga, visited our hospital on April 28, 2018 for a workshop concerning the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders in China and Japan. 

The workshop saw the presence of over 20 scientists and physicians from both countries. Prof. Kohji Fukunaga from Tokyo University, in his lecture titled “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)-like behaviors with impaired cingulate cortex in FABP3 null mice”, shared his findings on the role of FABP3 to shape PTSD, a topic he chose more than a decade ago. 

On a field trip to our Psychiatry Department (XI) committed to affective disorders, Director Tan Zhonglin briefed the Japanese scientists on the management of the department and the therapies in use for patients’ rehabilitation, particularly the treatment of depression with TMS technology. 

The Japanese scientists sang high praises for the success we have made and recognized to intensify academic exchanges with HSPH concerning neuropsychotropic disorders. Closer partnership will also be expected by both sides for the study of neuropsychiatry in the years to come.