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Sister Hospital Ties Knotted between HSPH and Marburg

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HSPH President Zhang Yonghua, Section Chief Yan Juan, and Director of Psychiatry Tan Zhonglin were on a trip to Germany from Oct. 5 to 10, 2017 for signing an agreement to knot the tie of sister hospitals with Philipps-Universität Marburg, with the purpose of exchange and cooperation with more medical institutions worldwide, which will surely be of benefit for clinical and academic progress we are to make in mental health care.  

The visit started with a briefing of their own hospital made by President Zhang and Prof. Tilo Kircher, Chair of Dept. of Psychiatry & Psychotherapy. The department, which was founded in 1871, has witnessed the glory of its in-house psychiatrists like Ernst Kretschmer (nominee of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine) and nowadays houses 6 wards altogether and a crew of specialists dedicated to 10 academic subjects. It is an institute of research facilitated with 3TMR for brain imaging (brain’s structure and functions), clinical studies and psychotherapy, which have yielded a number of new findings on cognitive, perceptual, behavioral and affective disorders and played a part in several frontier programs. The center, populated with over 30 full-time scientists as a whole, including Ph.D and post-doctoral candidates, is funded by the German government and foundations, and have contributed 60-70 papers annually to introduce the latest discoveries.  
A simple yet decent ceremony was held for signing the agreement in the presence of President Zhang, Prof. Michael Bölker (Vice President, Philipps-Universität Marburg), Prof. Helmut Schafer (Dean, School of Medicine) and Prof. Tilo Kircher, together with Mrs. Kienle, Mrs. Halliday (Dept. of International Affairs) and Dr. Yang Yunbo.

President Zhang and his associates also met and talked to the medical staff and experts on a field visit to the outpatient department, open ward 3b (for schizophrenia), closed ward 5b (for addictive disorders and acute mental disorders), the ECT room, the psychotherapist training center, the Dept. of Psychology, and the city’s depression prevention and intervention alliance.

The set ties will enable HSPH to further the cooperation with the university as to the clinical medicine, academic research and personal training in the field of mental health. The visit also marks a new stage of communication with the world, and that of the trail we are blazing to make us a new hospital renowned for academic findings rather than simply clinical practices.        

Dr. Zhou Yuanyue from the ward for children and teens, as both have agreed, is going to pay a one-year visit to Marburg for academic exchange and research from the end of this October.