Hangzhou Cognitive (Memory) Disorders Center for Senior Citizens

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Mental Rehabilitation Center (MRC), founded in 1994 as the first and largest clinic in the province for aged people suffering from mental illness, was a well-known agency for the excellence of its clinical diagnosis and treatment. In 2017, MRC was renamed as the city's Cognitive (Memory) Disorders Center for Senior Citizens.

The center is comprised of four departments staffed with a group of specialists each. Department I focuses on the early detection and intervention of dementia, yet Department II is dedicated to the rehabilitation of dementia. Department III is skilled in the treatment of dementia with mental behavior symptoms, while Department IX is committed to treating neuroses like senile sleep disorder. The clean and well-facilitated space, which houses totally 320 beds, offers a range of safe and thoughtful services for patients with Alzheimer's and mental or psychological illness.

All the crew in service of the four departments are well-groomed and experienced in both clinical practices and academic research, of whom a dozen have won a senior technical title or a MS degree or above. They have, over the past 5 years, shouldered more than 10 academic projects funded by either the province or the city, and published more than 50 papers in core journals on clinical or academic progress and findings.

Areas of Focus: We are in service of age-related mental and psychiatric disorders, including dementia and other cerebral organic mental disorders, memory disorders, emotional disorders, sleep disorders, and senile schizophrenia etc., and a range of emotional or mental disorders caused by physical discomfort.

What’s Special in Treatment: We believe in an integrative therapy of both TCM and western medicine. We’d like to have our patients be primarily on medication, together with a complementary therapy of mental and physical rehabilitation. A miscellany of medical solutions, including chronic cerebellar electrical stimulation, low-frequency impulse electrotherapy, TCM fumigation, bio-feedback, transcranial magnetic stimulation and occupational therapy, are used to cure the mental and psychiatric illness of the aging patients both psychologically and physically, or to delay the progression of their symptoms. We are particularly skilled in comprehensive evaluation and early intervention of mild cognitive impairment and memory disorder, which may help foresee, prevent and delay dementia. With a special understanding of sleep disorders for the aging people, we’ve established an age-related sleep disorder center to provide customized therapeutic services.

What’s Special in Nursing: We are proud of our in-house crew skillful in nursing and care of patients, who are experienced and well-groomed. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, integrative and standardized medical services for the aging people, assuring the health of them and bringing them a better life. We’ve been in research of the way to take care of people with dementia for a long time, and has gained a knowledge of the prevention of dementia and its deterioration. We will conduct an all-round assessment to each aged person, including IQ evaluation, physical check-up and psychological change detection, etc. In our daily work, we are indiscriminate to any eccentric deeds of the patients and encourage them to take functional exercises, which helps them physically to be more flexible to take care themselves, and to be more self-controlled to delay the progression of dementia.