Hangzhou Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

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Hangzhou Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (PRC) was established in 2015 as an important agency for the research of psychiatric rehabilitation medicine, which is an academic discipline on the priority list of Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission. The whole center consists of two inpatient wards, a rehab department and a brain function lab. At the 15th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Psychiatrist Association (CPA) 2019, PRC was officially recognized as a state-level obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment center.

A standardized evaluation system for mental symptoms, cognitive functions and social functions enables us to offer a rehab plan customized to each patient and provide a wide range of services. Instead of the outdated model that features "outpatient—inpatient—discharge—outpatient", a new rehab system that shows a cycle of "outpatient—assessment—rehabilitation & training—homework—follow-up". PRC has received and cured, since established, totally more than 50,000 patients with mental (psychological) diseases, who all have later enjoyed a rise of function and quality of life to varying degrees.

Shi Jianfei
Director Physician / Vice President of HSPH / Professor & M.D Supervisor
Deputy of Xihu District People's Congress / Deputy of CPPCC Hangzhou Commission / Director of Hangzhou Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center / top specialist on mental rehabilitation studies
Vice Director of Psychological Crisis Intervention Commission, Chinese Association for Mental Health
Vice Director of Sleep and Mental Health Commission, Chinese Sleep Research Society
Standing Member of Mental Rehabilitation Commission, China Association of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons
Member of Mental Health Commission, China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care
Director of Board, Chinese Association of Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment
Standing Member of Addiction Medicine Commission, Chinese Association of Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment
Vice Director of Psychiatry Academic Committee, Zhejiang Neuroscience Association
Vice Director of Mental Health Commission, Zhejiang Preventive Medicine Association
Vice President of Physicians Commission, Zhejiang Medical Doctors Association
AREAS OF FOCUS: Anxiety, Sleep disorder, Depression, Stress-related mental disorder, Schizophrenia.

Tang Jianping
Director Physician / Director General of Psychiatry Department / Vice Director of Hangzhou Psychotherapy & Rehabilitation Center
Member of Psychiatry Commission, Zhejiang Medical Doctors Association
Member of Mental Rehabilitation Commission, Zhejiang Rehabilitation Medicine Association
Medical Evaluation Expert, Zhejiang Medical Association / Hangzhou Medical Association
Senior Evaluator, Psychological Consultation Examination in Zhejiang province
Prize winner of excellent performance in psychiatry, Zhejiang Medical Doctors Association
AREAS OF FOCUS: Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia (and particularly the rehabilitation of schizophrenia)