Hangzhou Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Center

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Hangzhou Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Center (OCDC) is totally staffed with 16 physicians, including 3 with a technical title of professor, 6 with a title of associate professor, 4 with a title of director and 3 with a junior title. Based on their expertise they are divided into five panels respectively dedicated to clinical practices, psychotherapy, neurocognitive assessment, brain function imaging, and genetics. Comprised of an outpatient department and a ward for inpatients, the center, at the 15th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Psychiatrist Association (CPA) 2019, was officially recognized as a state-level OCD treatment center.

In addition to using drugs, a number of solutions, like cognitive behavioral therapy, ERP, mindfulness therapy, Morita Therapy, rTMS and family therapy etc., are also in use in OCDC. In observing the standards of building a state-level OCD center, which was issued by the OCD Commission to the Chinese Psychiatric Association, we have specified a set of rules and procedures and founded a think tank comprised of experienced physicians from the Psychiatry Department. To satisfy every patient, we are making full use of the existing resources to provide a 3-in-1 solution that integrates drugs, psychological medicine and physiotherapy, which have been proven quite effective to help patients accustomed to living an ordinary life.

Tang Wenxin    Distinguished Psychiatrist
Director Physician/Director of Psychiatry Department (4) (dedicated to early intervention and treatment of OCD)
A distinguished young psychiatrist in core academic disciplines
The award of excellence winner in the province
A 27-year career in practice
There have been over 20 papers Tang published, including the two collected by SCI magazines. He’s been the team leader of 4 academic projects and a member to join 8 projects sponsored by state, provincial or municipal authorities, winning six awards of excellence in academic research, including the second prize of innovation on medicine (province), the third prize of the progress in science and technology (province) and the third prize of the progress in science and technology (municipality).
Member of OCD Commission, the Chinese Psychiatrist Association
Member of the OCD Studies Alliance, the Chinese Society of Neuroscience and Psychiatry (CSNP)
Member of Psychotherapy Commission, Zhejiang Mental Health Association
Member of Neuropsychiatric Drugs and Dependence, Zhejiang Toxicology Society
Member of Clinical Psychology Commission, Zhejiang Psychological Association
Member of Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine Commission, Hangzhou Medical Association
AREAS OF FOCUS: OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Adaptation disorder, Somatic Disorder, Students' psychological problems, Early intervention of mental disorder risk syndrome